Laser Tag Equipment Maintenance Storage Guide

Laser Tag Equipment Maintenance Storage Guide

As a laser tag operator, the Coronavirus will already have some effect on your business operations. We have provided a helpful link below to provide some practical suggestions on how you can clean and disinfect the laser tag equipment/facility to reduce the chances of spreading the COVID-19 infection along with stored procedures.

Centers for disease control and prevention (CDC): Link

In brief, the suggested treatments include bleach, alcohol, and soap.

Although the choice on how you clean/disinfect packs is up to your interpretation of the CDC article, we have detailed below how these treatments may affect your laser tag equipment: 

Bleach: Bleach will discolor and deteriorate the vest materials the fastest, and residual bleach may damage your customers’ clothing.

Soap: Soap is likely to cause substantial damage to the vest and phaser since soap requires water as part of the cleaning/rinsing process. Water will damage the electronics within the equipment and will leave soap residue on the vest materials. This residue may also damage customer’s clothing.

Alcohol: We have noted that most customers currently cleaning equipment have opted for the use of alcohol-based cleaning products. Alcohol treatment will harden leather over time, so we suggest using a good quality leather conditioner to reduce this effect.

Note: Please ensure the equipment is turned off during the cleaning process.

Regular Cleaning Regime

A cleaning regime of the equipment will need to be implemented. You may decide on cleaning the phasers and vests after every game, after a set number of uses, or at a set time during the day. Regardless, please take into consideration that specific time slots will need to be allocated to non-gaming use to allow time for this cleaning process

Cleaning and Sterilizing Your Facility

Cleaning and sterilizing your facility is equally important. The CDC link above provides helpful suggested cleaning procedures. Also, check out this article about how to clean your laser tag equipment during the pandemic.

Storing Procedures

1. Charge the packs fully

2. Power Everything down

3. Key off the Vests

4. Shut Down Computers and Networking Equipment

5. Unplug All Electronics – in case there is a power surge or outage no sense in taking a risk

Note: Do not unplug vesting cabinets

If you have further questions, please submit a request to our support team.

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