4 Resources to Help You Open an Epic Family Entertainment Center

4 Resources to Help You Open an Epic Family Entertainment Center

Opening a new Family Entertainment Center can be an exciting yet scary venture. According to neurologists, fear and excitement trigger nearly identical physiological reactions.

Taking the leap into entrepreneurship in the amusement industry is a lot like skydiving for the first time. As you can see with James Corbin’s experience, the anticipation leading up to jumping out of the plane can be terrifying.

Without the necessary preparation and guidance, your worst fears can come true. With the knowledge, the right attitude, and an advisor like Tom Cruise, your experience can be much more enjoyable.

Fortunately, the industry is full of helpful vendors and partners who want you to succeed. There are also plenty of resources to help you launch a thriving family entertainment center.

Here are five resources to help you make the shift from fear to excitement:


Educational Seminars.

One of the most valuable resources for startups is industry seminars that teach you every aspect of planning, designing, and running an FEC. Here’s a list of a few good ones:

    • LaserTAG360 hosted by Creative Works. This action-packed event happens twice a year in Indianapolis and gives you a wealth of information on adding laser tag to your FEC. You’ll also get to evaluate the difference in laser tag equipment and systems first hand.
    • FEC Success hosted by Amusement Products. The guys at AP do a great job of combining education with some good old fashioned fun into the mix.
    • Birthday University. To integrate birthday parties into your business model, you’ll want to be prepared to run your program like a well-oiled machine. There’s nobody who can show you the ropes like Frank Price.
    • Foundations University. From the industry experts in designing, building, and financing your entertainment center, you’ll get over 200 years of experience to avoid costly mistakes.


The International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions is the premier association in the amusement industry. They also host the most prominent conferences and expos around the world. The coveted World’s Top FEC award gives a judging criterion you can aspire to for your facility.

In addition to educational sessions, the trade show floor of the expo is the largest globally. You’ll get a chance to play the latest games and attractions. This event happens in November every year, so start planning your trip. If you’d like free guest passes to the trade show floor, speak to one of our laser tag consultants.

Industry Consultants

When you’re new to the business, it helps to leverage industry consultants’ knowledge and expertise. Many will provide sound recommendations for getting the right concept, securing financing, and conducting market validation studies. There are also professional training companies like Sheryl Golf and Trainertainment, who can help you build top-notch sales training programs.

Delta Strike Guides and eBooks

If you’re thinking about adding laser tag to your attraction mix, you can tap into the wealth of knowledge and experience from the founders of Delta Strike. You’ll get valuable insight into crucial topics like selecting a location to insider tips to running a laser tag businessView all free downloads here.

Leap with confidence

Starting a family entertainment center can be exhilarating and terrifying at the same time. By tapping into these resources, you’ll increase your chances of opening a great family entertainment center.

Always remember that you’re creating memories for families and providing a valuable resource in your community. You also have access to a network of a great vendor community willing to jump out of the plane with you.

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